JAN - 2016

Hospital São Vicente de Paulo wins security and high availability with Oracle ODA solution

   Considered health reference in the south of Brazil, the Hospital São Vicente de Paulo innovates again in the development of your organization, integrating processes, people and information.

   After many years developing its HIS software internally, the new HSVP IT strategy led him to acquire Tasy management system, Philips Informatics for more than 500 users. To provide even more quality and scope, the Hospital decided to effectively support the new software in a data center itself, thus acquired the Oracle Database Appliance solution (ODA). Get in the reasons that led the hospital to opt for Engineered Systems Solution Oracle, it highlights the use of a full feature software and hardware capable and scalable, able to deliver the quality and reliability required for the upgrade the data center.

   With the acquisition of Oracle's hardware, the hospital now has also to use of application WebLogic platform, which provide a powerful set of solutions to boost the development of Tasy application in Java.

   Project planning began with some challenges raised by the IT department Hospital, which along with Teiko teams and Oracle, scenarios are designed seeking to fulfill the outstanding premises. According to André Amaral, IT Manager Hospital, "a major challenge we had was minimize downtime with scheduled maintenance or not, and on this phase was fundamental the participation of Teiko, which contributed heavily with his knowledge in the integration of mission-critical projects."

   Given this need, it chose a high availability framework, based Two sites in different buildings, being interconnected by optical fibers. For Distribution of transactions and control the availability of sites we used the Oracle TrafficDirector (OTD), performing load balancing for servers Weblogic application. And to complete the excellence of the whole, they were implemented Database server clusters Oracle Enterprise Edition, ensuring secure storage and high availability of data.

   Through these solutions, the hospital now provides high availability for processing of your system, complying with the premises to deliver performance and uninterrupted reliability.

   For the IT manager, "the benefits of technology involving quality and safety throughout the process and promote improved service to users and patients, leveraging information technology as an effective tool to support assistance the patient and the hospital management. When we have experienced professionals, quality undisputed line with the best technologies on the market, the result is defined in success. "

About the Hospital São Vicente de Paulo:
Founded in 1918, São Vicente now has 570 beds and is the result of vision dynamic that reflects professional qualification of employees in sync with advances new technologies in the fields of diagnostics, medicine, services outpatient, among other fields of health. The interaction of these features raises Concept Hospital São Vicente as a health reference in southern Brazil.

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