We are Teiko

A team like the Teiko would not have so many achievements if not integrated and passionate about what we do.


In the market for over 12 years, our goal is to provide the best solutions in Database and IT Infrastructure. For this, we know that innovation is the only way to keep growing, bringing you solutions that transform data in certain decisions and enhance the success of their business.


Serving more than 500 customers, leaders in various segments and building strategic partnerships, such as Oracle, today we have four offices, with the headquarters in Blumenau, a branch in Brusque - Santa Catarina, São Paulo and Mexico City.


We are an ethical company in our actions, aimed at the profitability of our customers and employees through innovation and commitment.



Deixar nosso cliente tranquilo.


Provide security and tranquility through specialized services database and infrastructure.


  • Ethics in all our actions;
  • Profitability for companies and employees;
  • Passion in what we do

Teiko. Who innovates, evolves.

Sustainability Program

Teiko, through relatively simple actions, promotes awareness of all regarding the social and environmental responsibility, encouraging attitudes that make our day more sustainable.


Through a series of initiatives aimed at environmental awareness and development of society, we encourage and contribute to the creation of a sustainable consciousness. Our belief lies in valuing the small gestures, promoting in our daily life relatively simple changes, but able to generate great results.

We value the rational use of resources, ensuring that the waste is recycled or disposed in a proper way. In addition, we invested in the replacement of materials that cause damage to the environment by others to minimize such losses.

We also promote social actions, such as collecting donations for the Winter Campaign, distribution of gifts at Christmas Solidarity and organizing reforestation, through the Seedlings Plantings.


Teiko. Who innovates, evolves.

People management

In Teiko, people are the basis for the success of our business, so we bet heavily in the development, professional and personal growth of each of our employees.

Some actions adopted by Teiko:

Talent Pool: Management Process of our talents.

Career Y: Career development program of Teiko employees, aimed at growth both in management but also in the technical area.

Teiko Academy: The goal is the employee development through six training pillars.

Life Quality: It provides a balance between personal and professional life of employees. With other actions, is ARTE - Recreational Association Teiko, which  increases social interaction, providing relaxation and integration events for employees and their families.

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Teiko. Who innovates, evolves.