Now you can run the backup in the cloud, obtaining
productivity and instantaneous value for your business


Cloud Backup Database is a highly scalable storage solution that protects your data and creates an encrypted copy in a safe and economic way, in a private cloud. Designed to support mission-critical databases, this service also allows, in emergency cases, the quick retrieval of information from their IT systems in order to reduce costs and improve disaster recovery in the physical environment.

From the Oracle Secure Backup takes to RMAN's ability to encrypt backups and ensure data security, which is of great importance in shared environments. Encryption made by Oracle in data backup even before its database output, prevents unauthorized access or theft, due to the backup data remains encrypted, both, in transit and in the cloud storage.


  • ● Complete safety data with integrated encryption;

  • ● Reduced complexity and capital costs, providing faster performance backup and restore;


  • *In case of disaster recovery, download and restore the bank located in the cloud, this service object will be held.


  • ● Elimination of the complex and time consuming capacity planning;

  • ● Two validations per year / contract;

  • ● An annual restore; no cost*. 



Everything we do involves management of our experts and you get the implementation, monitoring services 24x7 and its cloud credits.   





Replicate real scenarios in your test environment before go-live







The Cloud Solution consists of a managed service focused on scalability and agility gain in the steps of testing, allowing you to remove the restrictions of hardware-based features to create quickly development environments, optimizing the supply of resources, minimizing risk and saving time spent on bug fixes.


  • Set up a machine or application easily: You can make a copy of your infrastructure and create exact replicas;

  • Unlimited capacity: You can start a development environment in minutes to perform on a large number of machines that can perform such tests without the need for installation and maintenance;

  •  Pay for use: You can start new development systems during the day and turn them off at night to avoid paying for idle hardware;

  • Protect and control the access to your systems: You control which users have the access to which resources, while RMAN help keep your data safe.


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