Support and service 24x7 with security and reliably.


Teiko Support Agreement has a team of technically qualified database specialists, which provide support in a pattern of 24x7 to allow that all data and information of your business is always available with maximum safety and reliability.

The contract is modular and can simultaneously engage database monitoring services and infrastructure, technical support by specialists and value-added services.

Hiring this service you will find:

Support process within the ITIL methodology;

Franchise hours: Hiring a number of monthly hours to be used as needed by the customer;

24x7 Duty: A team available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide support via phone in the database;

Monitoring Database Infrastructure: It consists in implementing the Farol software to monitor customer database full time, where for each monitored server you can choose the activities 8x5 (business hours) or 24x7 (full-time);

Service Desk: Access to Service Desk system for opening and monitoring of incidents and requests. ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is an integral part of our processes;

Control Board: Through a restricted area on our website, information on the activities performed will be made available, financial and administrative information, and other relevant items in the Teiko relationship with the customer.



  • ● Monitoring and support full-time;

  • ● Fast service in the incidents;

  • ● More security and tranquility to your IT environment;

  • ● Control risks;

  • ● Specialization.


  • ● Qualified staff - certified professionals;

  • ● Monitoring and service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Complete devotion in Full Time and Part Time format,  keeping the customer focused in his business.


The Outsourcing Teiko offers in full time and part time format, DBA resources with the highest level of expertise and the latest certifications required by the market, supporting in all processes and keeping the customer focused on your business.

In addition to the technical availability, the NOC team together with the Farol, monitoring tool developed by Teiko, participates in the management and support environment in 24x7 format, offering full security to the database and the client's IT infrastructure, increasing performance, optimizing processes and increasing operational efficiency.


Outsourcing Part Time

In this model the professional is shared only between two customers,
running their activities remotely with technical visits scheduled and
SLA with short early service.


  • ● Service SLA;

  • ● Annual hours tank of 1.200 with monthly consumption limit of 120 hours of this hired tank. The hours in excess of this tank will be contracted to the stipulated value in the contract;

  • ● Platinum level monthly report delivery;

  • ● Technical working remotely with a limit of 32 hours per month in the customer’s office;

  • ● All databases monitored by the Lighthouse and managed by NOC,
    which is trading target at the time of purchase;

  • ● Technician with shared allocation.


Outsourcing Full Time

In this model the professional is allocated exclusively for a single customer, and it may exercise its activities in the customer's office, remotely or mixed, in addition to immediate care at a high performance.


  • ● Immediate answer without being hard by a SLA;

  • ● No limit of hours a commercial allocated resource;

  • ● Diamond-level monthly report delivery;

  • ● Technical works in the customer's office or depending on the agreement, it may act in a mixed manner (remote + in-place);

  • There are no usage limits Lighthouse and service to the NOC database;

  • .● Technician with exclusive allocation.




Teiko has a SAP Basis staff to work in
Application layers, Database and Operating System.







The management of SAP systems is conducted remotely or in person when necessary. Daily checks are performed in environments where the Basis team analyzes constantly, making necessary updates and adjustments to ensure the proper functioning of systems, in addition to requests or incidents ordered by the customer, where the action takes place in a timely manner.

Through a NOC structure, supported by FAROL - monitoring software developed by Teiko - we offer monitoring services level 1 for all SAP systems. With an automatic collection of information, you can perform a proactive work in preventing incidents, allowing the responsible staff can manage, predict and maintain the availability of environments, issuing alerts and sending solutions actions according to defined policies.

Transaction monitoring SAP by Farol

With the CCMS monitoring architecture, SAP provides a flexible platform to monitor and manage Landscapes complex in SAP systems and legacy systems (non-SAP).
SNMP functions (Simple Network Management Protocol) are the standards used for managing networks and their components that are available for communication systems and external components. When an alert occurs in one of the monitored transactions, the monitoring architecture collect the necessary information and sends them to the FAROL. 

  • Jobs: Cancelled Jobs; Jobs Background Monitoring; Long time jobs;

  • SAP License: License Expiration Day SLICENSE; SAP License Messages STRUST;

  • Sistema Operacional: CPU; Memory; Paging; Swap; Lan; Discs; Monitored Processes ;

  • Dialog: Response Time;

  • Transport: Line Monitoring ;

  • Updade: Old Updates/ Errors;

  • Abap: Short Dumps; Dumps Frequency;

  • Database: Backup; System Check; Performance; Optimizer Statistics; Space;

  • RFC: RFC-Destinations;

  • Syslog: System Logs.

This transaction monitoring can be customized according to the customer needs, for example, to monitor a customized program
(Z program).



  • ● Indication of constant improvements to the customer environment;

  • ● Verification of compliance with safety standards; 

  • ● Validation and testing of the client's internal procedures; 

  • ● Generation of monthly reports with summary of activities.



  • ● More security for your environment; 

  • ● Reduction of downtime; 

  • ● Remote management; 

  • ● Proactivity - anticipation of potential problems; 

  • ● Monitoring and 24 hours Services a day, 7 days a week.


Monitoring all technology platform, allowing you to manage,
predict and maintain the availability of the TI infrastructure.







The NOC (Network Operations Center) offers monitoring service for the entire IT platform, allowing the responsible teams to manage, predict and maintain the availability of the environment.


Through a NOC structure, a team of specialist formed by trained and updated professionals, supported by the Farol - monitoring software developed by Teiko - monitors and anticipates potential problems by issuing alerts and triggering solution actions in accordance with management policies defined.


  • ● Monitoring of all IT structure, its functionality and performance in real time;

  • ● Execution of monitoring routines aligned with the client needs;

  • ● SLA management for each monitored operation and monitoring of IT management indicators;

  • ● Providing metrics and information for planning the customer's infrastructure capacity.


  • ● Increased security for IT operations;

  • ● Reduced risk of downtime;

  • ● Monitoring and support full-time (24x7);

  • ● Proactivity in anticipation of possible problems;

  • ● Support the management of IT.


  • ● Qualified team with certified professionals;

  • ● Farol support - Database Monitoring
    Software, Infrastructure and Business Processes.


Safety, reliability and information accuracy.





The Farol is a monitoring software developed by Teiko, which allows monitoring database, infrastructure and business processes,
supporting the IT department of your company with notifications and status of its real-time infrastructure. 


It's possible to have a strategic and detailed vision at aspects such as, growth, performance, availability, infrastructure capacity plan,
among other functions that can project the future, anticipating decisions about new investments and continuous improvement for your business.


Seeking to meet market needs, Teiko offers hiring in two formats: Server and Client.


This format involves the installation of all Farol monitoring framework in the customer environment, which he can follow the full operation of his infrastructure, with complete freedom of manipulation of these data for information analysis on the behavior of your IT infrastructure.

In this model, you can integrate with the customer's Service Desk and Teiko can also develop any plug-in monitoring what the customer wants at no extra cost.


  • ● Clear integration with internal control systems (Service Desk / calls);

  • ● More scalability with lower cost (and can monitor more servers).



This format consists of the installation of monitoring agents in the customer environment for tracking all your IT infrastructure.

All coming alerts of monitored services are sent via internet to the Monitoring Center Teiko. The customer manages the alerts, but the infrastructure Lighthouse is the responsibility of Teiko.


  • ● Low fixed cost of IT with IT infrastructure;

  • ● Does not depend on IT infrastructure to use the software;

  • ● Constant updating tool made by the supplier with no cost.

Differential points of the Farol

  • ● Target and easy understanding interface;

  • ● Software developed by database and infrastructure experts.

Custom analysis database with advisory focus.



The Premier Consulting of Teiko offers DBA feature at a high level of expertise to a consultative and proactive analysis of your database infrastructure.


In addition to validating the backup for advanced security of customer data, the Premier Consulting aims to promptly analyze the database environment by providing a diagnostic performance and planning database capacity.

Suggestions for improvements are also part of this work and are items in the report made by Premier Consulting at the end of workday.


  • ● Controlled test restore database;

  • ●  Database growth analysis (capacity planning);

  • ● Deviant behavior analysis from the server and database;

  • ● Analysis server deviant and database;

  • ● Analysis of consumer database memory resources;

  • FULL SCAN and TOP SQL Analysis.



  • ● More information for the customer, who receives a report with an overview of how is his database environment;

  • ● More security because the backup is validated and information security items are audited;

  • ● Customizing in a consultative focus. The customer can direct the analysis of the consultant to meet some specific need, thereby personalizing customer service;

  • ● Environment always revised and updated.



  • ● With the support of the Farole tool, a lot of information is analyzed and compared, resulting in directions opportunities and improvements.



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